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How do affiliate sites make money? Lesson notes with bonus content: Today we’re going to go over some examples of good affiliate marketing sites. Some of the best kinds of affiliate marketing sites make money not only with their affiliate offers, but other methods as well, such as Google AdSense advertising.

In this lesson we will discuss a few of the different ways that a lot of the successful affiliate marketing websites are making their money. This should help give you ideas on how you want to build your affiliate site, and how you do NOT want to do it!

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Successful Example of an Affiliate Marketing Website Site #1

This is an affiliate marketing website in the body-building/fitness niche. Some of the best affiliate sites examples are in this niche. So how do affiliate programs make money? This site makes money through affiliate commissions, as well as using Google AdSense advertising.

The body building, fitness, and weight loss niches are very common affiliate marketing niches, because there’s always going to be people who want to buy products that will make them thinner, or more muscular, or whatever. It’s the nature of the human ego, I suppose.

How much do affiliate websites make? it depends on the niche, but generally affiliates make anywhere from 20 – 70% commissions on each sale.

Go to the full lesson notes page to access the entire lesson notes for this lesson, including detailed photos of these affiliate sites, and even a NEW example of a way a brand new website is making money using Google AdSense.

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