Beginner Chinese (Mandarin) Lessons: “I can speak a little Chinese” – Yoyo Chinese

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In this Chinese lesson, you’ll learn how to say:
• How to say “I can” in Chinese: 我会 (wǒ huì)
• How to say “speak” or “say” in Chinese: 说 (shuō)
• How to say “a little” or “a little bit” in Chinese 一点儿 (yì diǎn(r))
• How to easily say “Chinese language” based on the word “China”: 中文 (zhōng wén) / 中国 (zhōng guó)
• How to say “I can speak a little Chinese”: 我会说一点儿中文 (wǒ huì shuō yì diǎn(r) zhōng wén)

You’re learning so fast!

Keep it up! ^__^
-Your teacher, Yangyang Cheng

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