Chinese Tone Pairs: How to Practice and Master Mandarin Tones

**Download the tone pairs chart and the audio recording here:
To download, just click the link above, then click “Lecture Notes” for the tone pairs chart, and “Download audio” for the audio recording.**

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Check out our detailed explanation of how to say the third Mandarin Chinese tone:

In this Google Hangout, you will learn:
• Simple tips and tricks to correctly pronounce and speak the four Chinese tones (1 2 3 4)
• The exact equivalent of four Chinese tones in English
• An introduction of the most effective way to practice four tones – Mandarin tone pairs
• 20 essential words English speakers need to master Mandarin Chinese tones

This is THE lesson you need to watch about Mandarin Chinese tones.

Type pinyin tones on your computer with this online tool:

See and hear how to say each sound in Mandarin with our FREE Video-based Pinyin Chart. It has 90+ video explanations for difficult Mandarin sounds and audio demonstrations for all 400+ pinyin syllables:

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