Learn Chinese Lessons for Travelers: Ask for and Give Directions

Travel in Chinese Lesson: Mandarin Chinese Lessons for Beginners and Travelers: How to ask for and give directions like a native Chinese speaker!
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There are five important points in the video.
1. “Excuse me” is NOT “请问qǐng wèn”. It is “不好意思bù hǎo yì si”.
2. What does “verb + 一下yí xià” indicate and how to use it.
3. What are measure words and how to use them.
4. How to change “one, two, three…” into “1st, 2nd, 3rd…”.
5. How to use the structural particle “的de”.
And how to say “subway station, hotel, restaurant, bar, mall, supermarket, bathroom, bank, hospital”.
You will learn the sentences: “Excuse me! May I ask where the subway station is? Go along this road. Turn right at the first intersection in the front. Turn left at the second intersection in the front.”

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