Learn Chinese Lessons for Travelers: Shopping and Bargaining

Travel in Chinese Lesson: Mandarin Chinese Lessons for Beginners and Travelers: How to shop in a shopping mall and how to bargain like a native Chinese speaker!!!
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Beginner Mandarin Chinese Lesson: We are going to learn how to say:
(In a mall) Welcome! What do you need? I can help you to introduce.
I have a look. How much is it? How to say 20% off, 25% off, 50% off.
If you like it, you can try it on.
Do you have a small/medium/large size?
Where is the fitting room? It is there!
This one is a little bit small. Do you have a bigger one?/ This one is a little bit big. Do you have a smaller one?
Yes, we do. /No more. Sorry.
Do you have other colors?
(At the cashier) Altogether is ¥278.
Cash or card?
(Pay with cash) Receive you ¥300. Give you ¥22 change.
(Pay with card) Please enter your password. Please sign.
Thank you for coming! Welcome for the next time!
(In a small store) When you bargain, there are two magical phrases: “Too expensive!” and “Cheaper!”

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