Integrated Chinese DVD Level 1 Part 2 Sample–Lesson 16: Dating

Bring “Integrated Chinese” to life with Cheng & Tsui’s textbook DVDs! Each DVD presents lively skits of the dialogues and narratives from the Level 1 Part 1 and Level 1 Part 2 Third Edition textbooks.
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Students will improve their communicative skills as well as increase their familiarity with Chinese culture. “Culture Minutes” related to the topics in each lesson take students onto the streets of Beijing, where they can listen in on unscripted, informal conversations with native speakers of Chinese.

• Pre-viewing, viewing, and post-viewing activity worksheets that support instruction available at

Note: Multiple subtitle options will be available on the DVDs.
Designed for use with “Integrated Chinese,” the DVDs are adaptable to most introductory Chinese courses.

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