Getting an EXTREMELY AGGRESSIVE POLICE DOG under control in 1 lesson.!! Fred Hassen, CEO/Owner/Founder of Sit Means Sit Dog Training Franchise Inc, is seen here at a police seminar. Sit Means Sit dog training is a franchise with locations all over the United States and abroad and is the largest U.S. based dog training company in the history of the United States.This video was taken from a Sit Means Sit seminar and shows how to get a very aggressive dog under control.

Here is a video on teaching a dog to walk comfortably in a muzzle:

The techniques used by Sit Means Sit dog training allow no raising of the voice to the dog, and no domination but rather communication via remote dog training.

You would be hard pressed to find a dog that is more aggressive than this one.

Some video footage from a Sit Means Sit police K-9 training seminar from Raleigh-Durham North Carolina. This particular dog had some problems with distinguishing control while wearing a muzzle. Some dogs, because of a variety of factors, can perceive just wearing a muzzle as a signal to them that it’s time for aggression. This can happen from the dog constantly having this verified by it mostly having it’s muzzle on during aggression training, and it not being balanced. Police K9 dogs wear muzzles during bitework so that simulation can be made of the dog biting a person that is not wearing any protective equipment, and to lessen the chance of equipment fixation in sport dogs, as well as other dogs that may be crossed over into police work. It is also obviously done for protection of the person taking the bites. It obviously is imperative that the muzzle be on snug. In this video, Sit Means Sit dog trainers are taking steps to control the dog when he needs to be controlled, yet still maintain aggression when needed. These things are vital for liability reasons obviously. The total time put into this transition was about 30 minutes. Having a dog work comfortably in a muzzle can also be helpful when acquiring a new dog, and in some cases the handler may not be aware of everything about the dog for a variety of reasons, and can come in handy for the K-9 Handler’s safety.

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