DPM – 1 – Beginning Snare Drum: Lessons (Grip and Basic Strokes)

“Developing the Percussionist-Musician” is a series of comprehensive percussion method books that is based on the philosophy of a balanced approach to educating students. The books are easy to use for non-percussionist educators and follow a very logical, step-by-step process to teaching students to play mallet percussion, snare drum, timpani, auxiliary percussion instruments and drumset. The inclusion of all the instruments into one curriculum makes this a “one method fills all needs” book, eliminating the need for teachers and students to purchase separate instructional guides for each of the 5 instrument areas. The text also enables students to proceed at an educational pace that suits their needs and desires for results. It will challenge students who excel and provide a solid foundation for students who struggle.

Available for download at https://huestismusic.dpdcart.com/ for more information go to http://www.huestismusic.com/

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