Drum Lessons For Beginners – Beat A

Play along tracks, .PDF sheet music, practice plan and clear video presentations of the basic building blocks for rock and pop beats. Good luck!

7 Basic Beats Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL97EFEC5DD0A29823

Popular songs you can play with these beats, lesson guide with accompanying audio tracks and sheet music:


0:06 20 Beats Per Minute
0:58 40 Beats Per Minute
1:33 60 Beats Per Minute
1:56 80 Beats Per Minute
2:16 100 Beats Per Minute
2:32 120 Beats Per Minute

There are 7 building blocks which, when combined, will allow you to play thousands of songs.

I will introduce one of these 7 building blocks in each video (Beats A through G).

Beat A: http://youtu.be/t0Jj0YsKl9Q
Beat B: http://youtu.be/SSDE3zyLurw
Beat C: http://youtu.be/UjScPlaDVbI
Beat D: http://youtu.be/n1cpPec20dI
Beat E: http://youtu.be/SCl2smR47a8
Beat F: http://youtu.be/2weilQI1tKg
Beat G: http://youtu.be/fecJUHoEg_4

These videos will all follow the same format:
The beat is played from slow to moderately fast in 20BPM (beats per minute) increments.

You can find more educational resources including accompanying .PDF sheet music, a key to songs using these beats and play-along tracks on my website: http://www.nkmdrums.com/beats

(I’m not trying to sell you anything. These are posted for my private students to reference. I hope you find them useful. Good luck!)

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