20 Facebook Tips And Tricks You Should Know in 2016| Probably You didn’t know about this| By itsSam

20 Facebook Tips And Tricks You Should Know in 2016.
I think you Probably didn’t know about this, Than this video will really help you.
1. Connect To Multiple Facebook Accounts
2. Sync Facebook Calendar With Google Calendar
3. Accept All Friend Requests At Once
4. Create Special “Via” Status (With Logo)
5. Stop Facebook From Tracking You
6. Photo Zoom For Facebook
7. Hide Last Name On Facebook
8. Create Fake Facebook Status Conversation
9. Turn Off Facebook Notification Sounds
10. Joint Facebook Profile and Cover Image
11. Download Facebook History
12. Use Profile Picture As Emoticons
13. Invite All Friends To A Facebook Event
14. Download Facebook Videos
15. Enhance Your Facebook Experience With Social Fixer
16. Display Animated Gifs On Status Update With A Play Button
17. Login To Facebook With Your Username or Phone Numbers
18. Share Facebook Statuses With Profile Pictures and Names Blurred out
19. removing Bitstrips From Your News Feed
20. Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts.
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