Wealth with Green: lessons for Meridian Energy

Wealth with Green: lessons for Meridian Energy

The team assignment ‘Wealth WITH Green’ (WWG) assigns students to identify practical recommendations for improving the environmental practice of a business concern. The ambition for the assignment is that students discover and gain inspiration from exemplary, world class businesses that contribute a positive impact on the natural environment whilst also achieving business outcomes.

The focus of the WWG assignment is that students draw lessons from relevant international companies for their client: a small-medium company operating in a similar industry in New Zealand. Exemplary companies that the students studied included Unilever (FMCG food), Interface Flor (carpet tiles), Toyota(automobiles), Toll Holdings (freight), Dulux (paints), Fetzer (wine), IKEA (furniture), Umicore (chemicals), Ben & Jerry (ice cream), and Natural Burials (funerals).

Undertaking the assignment over a 12-week period, the students audit the existing ‘green’ practices, strategies, policies, products, and outcomes of their target client. Next, they search for an international benchmark business in a similar industry from which they can adapt lessons appropriate for their client. Concurrently, they make a particular study of Interface Flor, a company renowned for its strategic intent to achieve a zero environmental footprint by 2020. Part way through their project, the student teams present an oral progress report on their findings. The feedback received on their oral presentation is used to refine the final technical report.

The assignment forms part of the course BSNS 6350 Business Process Improvement (BPI)

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