how to play “Purple Rain” on guitar by Prince | electric guitar lesson tutorial

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An electric guitar lesson on how to play “Purple Rain” by Prince and the Revolution from the album “Purple Rain”, released in 1984.
More shocking news this week with the passing of Prince. Very tragic and 57 just seems so young these days…

Prince was an incredibly talented person. Singer, writer, producer, guitarist, keyboard player, dancer and amazing performer. These days, you might need to hire 10 people do to do everything that he was not only capable of, but that he excelled at. Really an amazing individual…
As a tribute to him, this is my lesson on the rhythm guitar parts to “Purple Rain.” This has always been my favorite Prince song. It’s very soulful and has sort of a gospel feel to it. I really think that he nailed it with this tune…it’s a very emotional performance.
It’s one of those songs that you recognize when you hear the first chord.
There’s only four chords in the song, but three of them are quite different to what I think most people are used to playing. It’s essentially a 1-6-5-4 progression, which is very common, but the voicings and flavor of the chords are what make it so unique. You’ll know the difference right away when you play the proper chords.

I hope you enjoy the video and enjoy playing this amazing song.

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