Amazon Kindle eBook Marketing – Lessons from My Latest eBook Launch

Amazon Kindle eBook Marketing – Lessons from My Latest eBook Launch

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If you want to learn how to sell an eBook on amazon, here are some tips I recently learned for publishing eBooks on Amazon.

I’ve been teaching students how to self publish an eBook on amazon for years now and I should have been using these 2 tips all along.

These will help you learn how to sell your book on amazon more quickly.

1. Get 25+ Kindle Reviews the Day Your Book is Published

The way to do this is to start building a community months before your launch.


Reach out to your existing friends and family
Create a website/blog with an email list
Create a Facebook page or group
Join and participate in forums and other social media groups related to your book’s topic.

Any of these methods can work to establish a network of like-minded people.

Once you have established a network, create a list of people you can ask for book reviews. Offer them Advanced Reader Copies of your book and ask them to give some feedback and/or give your book a review on the day of your book launch. This has the added benefit of getting you some great feedback, too, which helps you improve your book.

One thing to keep in mind is that Amazon has tightened it’s policy on “influencing reviews.” You can’t require them to leave a review as a condition of getting a free copy of your book. You also can’t “influence” their review. Read my interpretation of Amazon’s review policy here to find out what this means.

Send out Advanced Reader Copies 2 weeks before your launch. 1 week before launch day, remind them of the launch and your need for reviews.

On launch day, reach out to your list and politely ask them to share a review.

Once again, keep in mind that you cannot require them to give a review in exchange for the free copy, and you cannot influence their review, as per Amazon’s new policies.

2. Pay More for a Great Cover

Three years ago you could get away with having a mediocre cover made on Fiverr and your book would still sell. That’s not the case anymore.

In today’s competitive Kindle market your book has to stand out from all the crap that’s being thrown onto Amazon every day. Take a look at the examples in the video. Which one would you rather buy?

If you can find a quality designer on Fiverr to make you a great cover, by all means, do it. But I’m tired of spending my money on covers that don’t help sell my books.

I’ll be using designers from Upwork from now on.

The other thing that helps a lot is to get feedback from potential readers. This is where your Advance Reader list comes in handy again. Have a cover made and send it to your list.

Ask them for honest feedback.

My list told me that the cover in the middle looked “amateurish.” I agreed, but I wasn’t sure how to fix it. Hearing that feedback made me realize that I needed to figure out a way to fix it, or my book launch was going to fail. That’s when I looked for a new designer on Upwork.

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