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In today’s FREE Online Makeup Lesson I will be sharing tips on how to find your perfect foundation shade. I wanted to include more informative videos so I have started these Makeup Lectures teaching all that I have learned when it comes to makeup over the years. So Take this as a FREE makeup lesson if you will – LOTS more to come!

When it comes to finding your perfect foundation shade there are two things to keep in mind:
Undertone (colour tint – pink / yellow etc) and level of darkness of the foundation.

Undertone is quite complicated to summarise, so we’ll leave that out of the equation today, however the tips I will be sharing with you will also help you choosing your foundation in terms of the undertone (actual colour tint) of the foundation, so technically you don’t need to know the dynamics of undertone to pick the right foundation shade, you just have to test it the right way and have a good eye. Level of darkness of the foundation, on the other hand. is whether your foundation is too dark or too light or the appropriate shade.

I will be sharing this to help you find your perfect foundation shade as you’re shopping for a new foundation in terms of how and where to test it properly to help you get the right shade.

#1 Apply foundation against jawline.
The reason why we apply foundation on the jawline is because you can easily see how much it would match your chest or neck. It is perfectly normal that the foundation will not match your neck. Naturally, the neck is often a shade lighter because since it’s an area the sun doesn’t often reach it doesn’t gain much colour.

#2 Wait for the foundation to oxidise
This does not always happen, but sometimes foundation reacts to air / warmth of the skin and goes darker or lighter, so it’s very important to always give the foundation some room to oxidise so that is shows it’s true colours.

#3 Wait for the foundation to set
Speaking of true colour, in order to see how much it truly matches you, wait for the foundation to “Set”. Sometimes foundations look far different when they dry matte or semi-matte so it’s important to leave your foundation chill a bit on your skin to see wether it sets or how it sets because you wouldn’t want to apply a matching shade only to find out that once set it looks off.

#4 Blend your foundation swatch against your jawline
If you apply a heavy swatch the foundation might not set or it might not show its true colours, so it’s very important to blend with your finger properly on a small area against the jawline as if you’re applying the foundation, so that you can see the colour and application and texture of the foundation.

#5 Walk around and check out the colour in different lighting
In store lighting can sometimes be very yellow, it can make you think it actually matches you, then you head out of the door and you realise the colour is off. The most perfect lighting is daylight lighting (but not direct sunlight).

#6 Swatch more than one colour on your jawline so you can compare
I recommend swatching more than one colour because you would find that sometimes there is a shade that matches you better than the other, and you would only find that out if you swatch them close to each other.

I hope you find these tips helpful, and at the risk of sounding like a complete snob; I know we’ve been thought to test makeup on our hands, but, if that foundation is intended to go on the face, you could easily be misled and choose the wrong shade. If you are not comfortable using tester makeup on your face, apply it at the back of your hand and put your hand against your jawline instead, even though, the shade on your hand could be different and should the foundation not be very opaque, it could potentially make you get a lighter shade, so keep that in mind.

If you’re buying foundation online, I highly urge you to check out, you would choose foundations you know that actually match you and it would help you find the appropriate match.

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