this is inspired by the movie Smiley.

i didnt have any other tape but this tape… the paper tape works better, if your going to use the tape i used make sure you lather on the moisterizer so it doesnt stick bad.

more blood the better

just tryna use some creepy music! you know how it is…
I know people love to freak out over this,
sorry if you cant watch this on a certain device, try watching it from another source and sadly its blocked in 32 countries, thanks youtube.

but ay dont let anyone harsh your mellow and dont use halloween as an excise to be a ya know…… dress appropriately and take advantage of being able to use fake blood, you can dress half naked at the club every night lol, enjoy halloween like you should.
your goal is to scare people. not make babies lol

i hope you enjoy
as always
-Sara K

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