Spring Makeup Tutorial | Baking Method | Sara K


i decided i would do a spring makeup tutorial that used brighter colors since i like to stay in my comfort zone of neutrals and browns haha! but i hope you enjoy, i really had no idea what i was doing and just decided to keep play with the colors as i went!

please let me know if there are any other specific makeup tutroirals anyone would like me to do!:)

MUSIC: (No Copyright Intended)

Beginning little Snippet:
Migos // On A Mission

Marian Hill // Down

Aloha Juice & Tim Legend (feat. Abbi Press) // Blossom

Bryson Tiller // Exchange

Shanay // Time (Daktyl Remix)


Alot of People have been asking me about where i get the music for my videos but i honestly just search for the music i like when ever im bored with nothing to do because i love listening to different music!
On my SoundCloud it is music i like and listen to, the songs i reblog are the ones i like to listen to on the regular and ones i play when im in the care or bored or whenever. the songs i like are obviously just the songs i like but dont love or songs i might use in makeup tutorials. check it out if you’d like! i do not use itunes or really any other music source to listen to music besides soundcloud…
https://soundcloud.com/sara-k-29 :):)

Xoxo Sara K

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