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In today’s FREE Online Makeup Lesson I will be sharing foundation words and vocabulary and terminology so you can understand foundation reviews anf videos and articles better.

I wanted to include more informative videos so I have started these Makeup Lectures teaching all that I have learned when it comes to makeup over the years. So Take this as a FREE makeup lesson if you will – LOTS more to come!

What I talked about in this video —

FORMULA OF THE FOUNDATION – When someone talks about the formula, they’re referring to the combination of ingredients, The formula formulas makes it what it is.

TEXTURE OF THE FOUNDATION – When someone refers How the foundation looks and feels –

TYPES OF FOUNDATIONS – Powder, Liquid, Mousse and Creams . Sometimes a texture it’s an in between.

HEAVINESS (Not an actual English word – but it’s used a lot, so let’s stick to it). For the Grammar Nazis, let’s call this one “Weight”. – When someone says a foundation is heavy it means that you can feel it a lot on your skin. A lightweight foundation is a foundation you hardly feel or don’t feel at all your face.

BUILDABILITY – When a foundation is buildable you can apply multiple layers without it caking up. Some foundations are not buildable so they look weird and don’t look flawless on the skin.

FINISH – The finish of the foundation is how it looks like when the foundation is fully applied on the face. Essentially there are two types of finishes – there’s the dewy finish (shiny) and the matte finish (no shine). Sometimes a foundation is an in between.

LASTING POWER – The better the lasting power of the foundation the better the foundation lasts and stay put. If the lasting power is not good, the foundation fades and doesn’t stay put.

FOUNDATION SETTING – When someone says this foundation doesn’t set, or I like / don’t like to set this foundation. Some foundation set on their own which means it blends into the face. Some foundations don’t set on their own and that means they stay sticky. Some foundations need to be set with powder and some foundations they don’t set at all even with the best of powders (or they look weird when they do).

OXIDISATION OF FOUNDATION – When a foundation oxidises on the skin it means a foundation goes darker or lighter than when first applied. European products typically go darker when they oxidise, and Asian products like BB creams sometimes go lighter. There’s nothing you can do to stop a foundation from oxidising it’s all in the formula. It is very difficult to determine your colour with oxidising foundations, so it’s best to avoid these.

SHADES – This is an extremely important factor. The shade is the level of actual darkness or lightness in the foundation and it’s extremely important – because you can have the best foundation formula and texture but if the shade is not right it will look off on your skin. There is a great website called www.findation.com that helps matching you with the right foundation shade which is helpful especially when buying online.

UNDERTONE – Undertone is the actual colour tint in the shade – if it leans a bit pink or yellow or a balance of the two.

I will be doing indepth videos about some of these topics, so that you can understand much better. So stay tuned for those!
And thank you for watching.

P.S. I am in no way qualified to “teach” makeup, I am passing information I have learnt over the years of practice and research. The content of this video is 100% my own, I did not use any books or specific research for reference. If I do I would credit the sources, because I believe in that. It takes me hours to think through what I want to go through in the video, so I appreciate that you guys are enjoying and learning something from these videos.

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