3 Marketing Lessons You Can Learn From The Volkswagen “Defeat Device” Scandal


Did you hear about the Volkswagen scandal?? Of course you did!!! Let’s see – 11 million vehicles with a “Defeat Device” to trip up emission systems. Wow! Now they’re looking at a hefty fine that could reach $18 billion.

No doubt the Volkswagen scandal was a shameless little secret that has sparked a world of mistrust among their fans. Especially for the owners who trusted the fact that they were driving a “clean emissions” vehicle. I personally have never wanted to invest in a Volkswagen, but I will say, there are a few marketing ideas you should keep in mind now that this debacle has been exposed.

So, when it comes to laying out a marketing plan and outlining the lessons that are wrapped up into this scandal, I had to think, “What is it that I can share with you that could make your marketing better?” Here’s what I have for you:

1. Don’t make false claims about your product or service
2. Don’t cut corners to gain market share
3. Fix issues with your product / service before putting it out into the marketplace

Moral of the story? Be real with your prospects and clients. Don’t cut corners to get your product into their hands just to “make a sell” – or else, you may regret it in the long run.

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