SCOAN 03/05/15: Blood Covenant ! Divorce & Marriage lessons, Must!!

He licked her blood. She licked his. Blood sealed a covenant of trust, a covenant against betrayal. A mere childish game between two love-struck teenagers or a deep spiritual entanglement? Time soon pointed to the latter.

Emmanuela never believed that a ‘covenant’ she made as a young lady would lead her down a harrowing trail of marital failure and frustration. Submitting to the whims of her boyfriend who wanted her to ‘prove’ her love for him, the two licked each other’s blood and promised never to leave. A year down the line however they had parted ways and lost contact.

Getting married two years later, the young couple was enjoying their lives until one day when Emmanuela suddenly saw the young man she had made the covenant with driving past her. Hailing him, the duo greeted and exchanged pleasantries. She thought nothing of it but that encounter signaled an instant change in her marriage. Her husband developed hatred towards her to the extent that he would beat her up on an almost daily basis. Despite their young children, the anger grew steadily worse until one day when he forced her out of the home naked in the night, locking the door behind her. Thus ended her first marriage.

Emmanuela’s second marriage equally started on a bright note but soon delved into destruction. Her second husband was both loving and caring but several months into the relationship, she noticed a stark change. The same anger she saw in her first husband began erupting in her second. More beatings resulted. More pain. More sorrow. More crying in silence. Not able to bear the hell that had become her home, she quit the second marriage. With four children and no father-figure in their lives, Emmanuela began looking for solace in other men although refusing to consider marriage for a third time. She met an elderly man who promised to care for her in exchange for some ‘favours’, to which she obliged. However, her dreams were tormented constantly by spiritual attacks, a strange man sleeping with her in the night.

A Togolese friend came to visit her in Lagos and recommended that she follow her to visit The SCOAN. Reluctantly agreeing, Emmanuela came to The SCOAN for the very first time last week. Nearing the end of the service, Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesied that a lady was in the midst of the congregation who made a blood covenant which was causing her to marry and remarry. Knowing it was her case being mentioned, Emmanuela rushed out and received prayer in Jesus’ name. Since then, the terrible nightmares that encompassed her dreams disappeared. “I now have peace and know that God is in control,” she joyfully told the congregation. “I advise young people not to be too desperate,” she advised. “They should be patient.”


SCOAN 03/05/15: Live Sunday Prayer Line Service ,May 03, Prophet TB Joshua , Emmanuel TV

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