What’s Your Parenting Style? 3 Basic Parenting Styles: Autocratic, Democratic, Permissive

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Today we are talking about different Parenting Styles! Your parenting style refers to the set of strategies you use to raise and discipline your children. And according to recent studies, different parenting styles tend to impact our kids in different ways.

Today I’m going to talk about the three basic styles of parenting:

Autocratic, Democratic, and Permissive.

I’m going to describe each style, and as I do, think about what style you were raised in and then think about the style you might be raising your kids with today!

Autocratic parents love rules. They’re often very strict about these rules and don’t really feel the need to explain the reasoning behind them. If their children fail to obey, they are punished. What an autocratic parent says is the law and a child has little to no input.

An autocratic parent’s motto is, “Because I said so.”

Studies have shown that kids raised in an autocratic style tend to be obedient and competent, but they rank lower in happiness , social skills, and confidence.

Democratic parents like rules too, but as the name would imply– they are more responsive to their kids questions, are more willling to work together with their children toward solutions. When expectations are not met, a democratic parent will coach their kids toward the desired behavior, rather than punishing them until expectations are met. Democratic parents are both firm and kind.

A democratic parent’s motto would be, “How can we make this work for both of us?”

Children raised by democratic parents tend to be happy, capable. and successful, according to some studies.

The third basic style of parenting is PERMISSIVE.
Permissive parents don’t really have any rules for their children. They do not discipline their kids and in fact avoid confrontation with their own children. Although they can appear outwardly very nurturing,, they are often indulgent and have low expectations of their children’s ability to be mature and exercise self-control.

A permissive parent’s motto would be, “I want to be my child’s best friend!”
According to some studies, kids with permissive parents often perform poorly in school and demonstrate poor self-regulation. And despite their parents attempts to keep them happy, often rank lower in happiness as well.

Is one style of parenting better than another? Here at Parenting-Academy.com, we definitely favor the democratic style of parenting, and that’s what we think we should strive for.

But in reality, moms and dads are kind of a mixture of styles. I’m a mostly democratic parent with autocratic tendencies about certain things, probably because I was raised by autocratic parents.

Even within the same family, you’ll often see different parenting style.

What Parenting Style do you use? Are you a combination of styles? Do you agree with the results of some these studies? Let me know in the comments section below!

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Remember, there’s no such thing as a perfect parent, but a million ways to be a great one! Check out Parenting-Academy.com for more ways to be a positively great parent.

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