How to Do Dribbling Drills | Soccer Lessons

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Speaker 1: Dribbling is something we need to use to get from one point of the field to the other. We can also use it in order to beat a defender, and get to the space behind. You’ll need a starting line, two yards apart, okay. And then you’re going to put pink cones a yard apart…

Speaker 2: One, two, three, four.

Speaker 1: Okay? Four yards in front of a starting line, and then you’re going to have a finish line, four yards away from the cones that are two yards apart.

So in the first exercise, we’re going to use only the right foot, alternating between the outside of the foot, and the inside of the foot.

I’m going to explode when you get to the end of the yellow, or the red cones. Explode to the yellow.

Ideally, we’re looking for two touches with each. So two touches with the outside of the foot, and two touches with the inside of the foot.

The second phase, we’re using just the left foot. Using the outside of the foot, and the inside of the foot. We’re looking for quick feet, soft touches, and a zig-zag pattern.

Phase three, we’re going to use only the insides of the feet. So we’re passing the ball from the left foot, to the right foot, pushing the ball forward, and passing it from the right foot to the left foot, and pushing the ball forward. As we go down the cones, we’re going through the cones, and not just straddling over the cones.

In phase four, we’re using the inside and the outside of the foot. So we’re chopping the ball with the inside of the foot, and pushing the ball through the cones with the outside of the foot. The chop wants to come back towards the spine on the cones, with enough space so that we can get the outside of the foot in there, to push the ball back through the cones.

And in phase five, we’re doing what we call the rake. So we’re raking the ball with the sole of our foot, through the cones, guiding it forward with the inside of the foot, and then raking it back, with the other foot, back through the cones. We like this exercise because you’re working on fast feet, soft touches, low center of gravity, side-to-side movement, lots of touches with all different parts of the feet, and a lot of repetition. These exercises should get a lot of dribbling, and allow you to get a lot of touches on the ball.

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