Desert island survival lessons, by Ian Argus Stuart

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This was Ian Argus Stuart’s first experience. 21 days completely alone on the island of Amparo (Indonesia) At the age of 64 he has become the oldest castaway Docastaway has had to date.

In May 2015 Ian also became the first human to sleep in the newest island on Earth. The experience on this fantastic video

This adventurous millionaire who was the owner of well-known property such as ‘No Man’s Land Fort’ or ‘Hasting Pier’, flew to Indonesia in business class and after staying in the city’s best hotel, went straight to Amparo desert island with only a machete and a few other articles.

Ian slept on the floor in the open every day looking for his own food and during his experience he even ate a bread roll and a cabbage that the tide brought in! Sometimes, when his day’s survival work had finished and he’d got a bit of spare time he would go up to the highest part of the island so he could use his smart phone to connect with the London Stock Exchange and buy and sell his actions.

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