Life Lessons From A Hipster Mermaid Ep 8: “Comic-Con Survival Guide”

Episode 8 of the Hipster Mermaid webseries. Hipster Mermaid OG (aka Helvetica) teaches some valuable life lessons. Ever wanted to visit Comic-Con? Of course you do you plebian. This is the episode where Helvetica shares her newly acquired wisdom on all things convention. You’re welcome.

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Helvetica (Hipster Mermaid): Traci Hines
J: Jasmine Ladjevardi
Mer-Fan #1: Roxanna Meta
Mer-Fan #2: Chelsea Keaggy
Mer-Fan #3: Dani Jae
Mer-Fan #4: Sarah Glahn
Mer-Fan #5: Maddy Scott
Mer-Fan #6: Madi Chang
Hipster Dude: Cameron Keaggy
Autograph Recipient: Angi Viper

(Shown in credits: Deric: Leo Camacho

Director/Producer/Editor: Jasmine Ladjevardi
Producer: Traci Hines
Story by: Traci Hines, Jasmine Ladjevardi
Written by: Traci Hines
Additional Scripting: Jasmine Ladjevardi, Amy Brunolli
Cinematography: Cameron Keaggy
Additional Footage: Jasmine Ladjevardi, Traci Hines, Benjamin
Executive Producers: Dave, Andrew Wells, Tony Zidek

“Hipster Mermaid Theme” by Traci Hines & Adam Gubman

“Stay With You (The Dark Angel Mix)” by Traci Hines & Adam Gubman (remix by Charlie Malone)

Tees & Crops:
Realistic Mermaid Scale Leggings:
Thrifting Pulls: Kota Wade
Mermaid Bikini Top:
J’s Costumes: David Rubilar
Sea Star Hairclip:
Wrap Bracelets:
Fine Jewelry:
Additional Wardrobe Thanks: Hot Topic, Angi Viper, 1138 Clothing

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Special Thanks to the #MerCrew: My Patrons on Patreon: Charis Lincoln, Travis Clark, Gina Kepner, Johnny Trifunov, Kayla Long, Roxanna, Ryan Clark, Bryan R. Epler, Katherine Giardina, Christian Mitchell, Jim Levinson, Tony Zidek, Andrew Wells, Dave

Special Thanks to the City of San Diego, Comic-Con Int.

“Life Lessons From A Hipster Mermaid” created by Traci Hines & Andrew Ducote

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