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What is this about?

Touch typing is a technique where you use all ten fingers of your hands to quickly type words without looking at your keyboard. Especially in this computer age it is a very practical skill. Yet few people take the time to learn it. In this video about free typing lessons you will learn everything you need to know to learn touch typing efficiently and for free.

Now imagine how much time you would save if you didn’t have to look where the letters are on your keyboard all the time when typing.I estimate that having learned this stuff saves me hours every month and it is not hard at all, it took me a total of maybe 5 hours to learn the technique and a month of just doing it in my daily work to acquire speed.

The first thing you need to do is to learn 20 lessons in the program Tipp10. Do this typing practice with assistance first and then without. After doing these free typing lessons, you will be able to touch type. But to be able to touch type fast, you need another tool called typeracer. It is a fun typing game and typing test that let’s you measure your typing skills with other players online. After you get sucked into that, you will be a proficient touch typer. It takes very little time and saves you a lot of it – pretty good return on your investment.

free typing lessons

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