Creative Writing Lessons: Lesson 2 how to beat writers’ block (creative writing)

Creative Writing Lessons: Lesson 2 how to beat writers’ block

Creative Writing Advice: writers’ block and how to beat it and carry on writing

The latest video in my series to help people with creative writing is on the subject of writers’ block. Writers’ Block can be the worst thing. I’ve put together some thoughts and tips that I hope will help. With ideas from me and other writers to help you work through writers’ block, and some of the tricks and tips I’ve picked up along the way, this will hopefully get you thinking differently, worrying less about your work and bring you through your crisis of confidence and out the other side of writers’ block.

Philip Pullman suggests that Writers’ Block doesn’t exist. Perhaps refuting its existence is the way forward. Mostly, writers’ block tends to be about confidence, and a writer feeling that they’ll never write well enough. To get through to the other side of the block, the writer needs to ignore those negative feelings and write something, anything. This video will help you find ways to do this, and introduce exercises, and a website, to help.

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